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Terms & Conditions


LS Flooring 

1. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT unless specified, The prices included in the estimate and any order or contract arising there from shall be deemed to be based on circumstances ruling at the date of the estimate and the prices are subject to variation if affected by changes in wages or by costs of materials or transport. Any alteration by the Buyer/Client in quantities or specification or any suspension of work due to instructions will involve adjustments of the estimated price if costs are thereby

2. A purchase order or an email confirmation will be required before works can commence this order will commit you to agree to our terms and conditions relating to timings and payment

3. Our price is based on normal working hours e. 8-5 Mon-Fri any variation to these hours will be charged accordingly. Our price is based on continuity of works if for any reason we are unable to complete our works through no fault of our own then this shall be deemed as chargeable to the client.

4. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have obtained all the necessary permissions with regards to Building Regs, Planning Permissions, Statutory Conditions and Design Approvals inclusive of Section 106 and Development Agreement

Approval and landlord’s approval etc before works are commenced. We will require a copy of the relevant asbestos surveys/register if relevant

5. Any works/alterations we are asked to do not include in this quotation shall be deemed as extras and will be charged accordingly. If any hidden problem behind the walls, subfloor, or any unseen issue that would affect the quality, finish, performance of the work, the buyer/client will be notified and extra charges will apply.

6. All goods will remain the property of LS FLOORING. until payment has been received in full. The risk to all goods shall pass to the Buyer/Client on delivery

7. If our quotation is successful, no works will be commenced until agreed payment is

8. All designs drawings, plans & visualisations shall remain the sole property of LS FLOORING. and shall not be used by any other person (s) without the written consent of LS FLOORING

9. Subject as hereinafter provided LS FLOORING. will replace at its own costs all products which are or become faulty by reason only of the use of defective materials or by reason of defective workmanship within a period of 6 months from the date of installation provided that the buyer has notified us in writing of the fault within that period but LS FLOORING shall not be liable for any damages or injury (whether direct or indirect) caused by the buyer/client or persons authorised or permitted by him/her to operate use or come into contact with the products or other property due to such faults or defects. LS FLOORING. shall be under no liability for defective products caused by accident, misuse, neglect, wear and tear, improper maintenance, use of spare parts or replacements not manufactured by or on behalf of the Company or alterations in each case made without

the Company’s consent.

10. Variations in terms of colours, finishes, materials and all other aspects of appearance may occur on occasions either through non-availability of materials or due to our policy of continued technical improvement. LS FLOORING. reserves the right from time to time to revise, vary or modify the colour, finish, materials and technical specification of the goods contracted provided that the quality of the goods shall be at least equal to that of the goods contracted

11. Buyer/Client will make sure that there is a safe suitable source of power and water if needed to complete the work, and we assume the free use of power, water and Client welfare facilities for the duration of a contract for any LS FLOORING . Operatives, sub-contractors unless instructed otherwise

12. Although every endeavour will be made to deliver/repair/ and or install at the stated time, unforeseen delays may occur through causes beyond LS FLOORING. , and the Company shall not be liable for any losses or damage arising from such delays, neither shall a delay constitute grounds for cancellation of any order except under the conditions provided by the following paragraph

13. The Customer is responsible for the capacity and performance of the goods as ordered being sufficient and suitable for his/her purpose and LS FLOORING . accepts no responsibility in this

14. Under no circumstances shall LS FLOORING be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever to any property or person howsoever caused arising from the installation and future use of LS FLOORING . products installed.

15. All complaints arising with regard to the product or services supplied by LS FLOORING. must be made in writing no later than 21 days after the completion of any

16. All Contracts shall be construed and operate as English contracts under English

Force Majeure

In the event of our Supplier being unable to obtain delivery of raw materials from any available source or in case the Supplier is unable to make delivery or the Company is unable to accept delivery under the Contract owing to strike, lock out, fire, storm,

tempest, flood, action of the Queen’s enemies, riot, civil commotion, the Company may suspend the Contract by giving notice i n writing to the Supplier to that effect. LS FLOORING. as a condition of this Contract shall within 5 days of such happening first occurring give notice in writing to the Company with full particulars.


17. Invoicing and payment shall be made as agreed and stated in the quotation in which the Product(s) and or service(s) were delivered and or

18. We reserve the right to charge interest at a rate of 8% above Barclays Bank base rate per annum, calculated daily on overdue

19. If default be made by the Buyer/ Client any sum due under any order or if any distress or execution shall be levied upon the Buyer/ Client the property or assets of the Buyer / Client or (as the case may be) the Buyer/ Client makes or offers to make any arrangement or composition with creditors or commit any act of bankruptcy or any petition or receiving order in bankruptcy shall be made or presented against the Buyer/ Client or any resolutions or petition to wind up the Buyer’s/ Client business shall be passed or presented or if a receiver of the Buyer’s/ Client undertaking property of assets or any part thereof shall be appointed then Interior Concepts Ltd shall have the right forthwith to determine and cancel by notice in writing to the Buyer/ Client any order then subsisting or to suspend all further deliveries or works until default is made good. LS FLOORING . Reserves the right to sub-contract the fulfilment of any order or any part


20. Client data is used to prepare and send quotations, tenders, invoices and other documentation relating to projects undertaken by LS FLOORING . It is shared with the project management team responsible for client liaison. When deemed necessary for quotations and deliveries, certain client information is shared with onsite operators, sub-contractors and

21. The individual’s data will be used by the LS FLOORING. management team for email and telephone communications before, during and after the

Data provided to LS FLOORING. is used for the Company’s sole use and will not be shared with third party partners.

22. Internal record keeping – data associated with a specific project will be kept on file for internal record

23. Website case studies and testimonials – When undertaking a project, we will ask for permission to take before and after photographs, which we intend to use on our website as part of comprehensive case study to demonstrate the projects we have undertaken. The information shared in the case study will include the reason for the project and the work We will also ask for a Google review and testimonial to include from the client. If the client does not wish for their personal and business details to be added to our website and would prefer to remain anonymous, we will respect their privacy.

Data Security

24. All personal data held by LS FLOORING is securely stored and accessed only by authorised LS FLOORING. We assure you that the data stored by LS FLOORING. will not be sold or shared with any third parties. The only instance data is shared outside of the corporation is in relation to a project e.g. deliveries addresses and contact

25. If you believe that LS FLOORING. has access to your personal data and you either:

  • Wish to have it permanently removed from our files
  • Access the information we hold

Please contact us immediately at [email protected] or via our postal address below.

26. If you have received email marketing and believe it NOT to be of legitimate interest to your business, organisation or job description, you can OPT OUT by completing one of the following steps:

  • Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email marketing campaign
  • Email our team on [email protected]

27.If there is something that we have not covered in the Privacy Policy that you would like to discuss, please contact us via emails [email protected] or write a letter to: ls flooring unit 12 old yarn mills Sherborne dt93rq

LS Flooring

We offer a free measurement service prior to fitting, and will order products based on our measurements. If you choose to use your own measurements then you are responsible for ensuring that the quantity of floor covering ordered is sufficient for your room.
is the responsibility of the owner to ensure safety of the materials once delivered and LS FLOORING cannot take responsibility for materials damaged whilst in the care of the owner.

Order & Payment

When you place an order for LS FLOORING to supply your selected flooring, you are accepting these terms and conditions. When you place an order a deposit of 50% of the order price is payable, your materials will be delivered once payment has cleared.

The remainder of the payment is payable on the day that we complete the fitting of the floor. We reserve the right to charge interest of 2.5% on any late payments.

Full payment is always required on completion of your installation, unless other payment terms have been previously agreed in writing by LS FLOORING .

If installation is delayed due to lack of materials ordered, all work and materials supplied by LS FLOORING must be paid for in full.

All flooring materials, paints, primers, sealers, underlay, fixings, trims and skirting etc. supplied by LSFLOORING remain the property of LS FLOORING until the balance for goods and labour is paid in full, unless stated otherwise by LS FLOORING in writing.

Ownership of materials paid for in advance will transfer to the customer once the balance has been paid.

Pricing & Cancellation

You may cancel fitting at any time. However, any materials and costs incurred by LS FLOORING as a result of cancelling will be charged.

Please be aware that some of our suppliers have a 50% re-stocking charge for materials being returned and LS FLOORING cannot carry these costs. Therefore the customer will be liable for any costs incurred.

We will always send you a clear quote for the planned work, including the fitting; and the quote will tell you about any assumptions we have made.

On the day of installation if something has changed which affects the work to be undertaken, it may be necessary to issue a new quotation.

An estimate can be given for completion time but does not form part of the fitting agreement. Completion time is given to help the property owner plan other work around the floor fitting.

We aim to be as competitive as possible on price- if you bring us a written quotation or web quote for the same product and service at a lower price than we quote- we’ll try our very best to match it.

Additional rooms/fitting can be requested during the installation but will be treated as a separate agreement and priced separately.

Preparation & Fitting

It is recommended that the owner or family vacate the rooms or property while fitting is taking place.

LS FLOORING cannot accept responsibility for loss or injury to persons who remain in the property while fitting is in progress.

Any loose flooring must be secured. Nails, tacks and staples must be removed. Carpets underlay and gripper rods must be removed prior to the fitter’s arrival. Any vinyl and laminate flooring must be removed by the property owner prior to the fitter’s arrival unless removal forms part of the fitting agreement and is clearly stated in the estimate provided.

We can offer a service to uplift and dispose of the previous floor, however we are charged commercial rates to dispose of such waste and it may be cheaper for you dispose of this yourself.

All furniture, furnishings, ornaments, pictures and breakables should be removed from the rooms prior to arrival. LS FLOORING cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items if they remain in the rooms during fitting.

The customer or any who represents him/her should be available in the property during the fitting process.

Lints removal is not floor direct responsibility unless it is mentioned in the quotation. The charge is £40.

Any cables and pipes that don’t comply with regulations should be pointed out at estimate or fitting time. Ls flooring do not take responsibility for pipes cables etc that are not fitted with in regulations or that we are not made aware of.

Sub floor & Wooden Floor

The condition of the sub-floor must be checked by the property owner prior to installation.

Any repairs that need to be made to the sub-floor are the responsibility of the property owner and need to be completed before installation can commence.

If when we arrive to install the floor we are unable to do so as a result of something which we think you could reasonably have alerted us to, we reserve the right to charge a call-out fee of £30.

LS FLOORING will install flooring on the assumption that the sub-floor has been checked and is deemed suitable to have a new floor installed.

Any faults occurring to the new floor during or after installation due to the sub-floor’s poor condition are the responsibility of the owner. LS FLOORING cannot offer a guarantee for work or materials when the sub-floor is in poor condition.

Wooden flooring is a natural product and therefore subject to variations in colour, graining and size.

LS FLOORING cannot remove a board due to these naturally occurring characteristics once it has been installed.

Specific fitting requirements must be made clear during the initial survey and will be included in the estimate if requested.

LS FLOORING cannot alter the manner in which a floor is being installed once the installation process has started.

The fitter’s decision is final on all matters relating to installation.

Thank you for using LS FLOORING website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions, which together with our terms of use and privacy policy govern LS FLOORING relationship with you in relation to this website.